The PSCE Conference 2016 has succesfully ended. Dr. Uberto Delprato attended the Conference both as IES Solutions’ CEO and as member of the EPISECC project. On 17 May a workshop on Ethical, Legal, Social Issues (ELSI) in Networked Information Exchange for PPDR has been held, called “Mobile, Networked, Collaborative PPDR: How to Make IT Good?“. The aim of this workshop was to explore how it might be possible to address ethical, legal, […]

The actors involved in the exercise used GE.CO.S., the new system developed by IES Solutions, as a support in the management of the interventions, the resources and the missions, other than a mean of communication and resource-tracker..

The EmerGent project aims to find out the attitudes of citizens towards the use of social…

The Emergency Management online magazine highlights the role of Social media and new technologies in the improvement of public alerting.

17 - 19 May

IES and EPISECC at the PSCE Conference in Brussels

Dr. Uberto Delprato, CEO of IES Solutions, will attend the PSCE Conference 2016 that will be held in Brussels on 17th-19th May. During the conference..
09 - 14 May

Started today the RISK SIS.MA. 2016 exercise in Messina

It started today the RISK SIS.MA. 2016 Civil Protection exercise, which will end on 14 May and consists in several emergency operations in response to an earthquake and a following tsunami wave. Amongst the many emergency services,..
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