Terminologies in crisis and disaster management

The CWA covers selected key terminologies used by actors during crisis and disaster management for describing needs, actions, situations, tools, missions, resources and any other goods or services needed in large-scale multi-agency and/or transnational disaster risk management.

Christmas Holidays

Our company will be on holiday from 24 December to 4 January 2018, and until next year.

Season break

IES Solutions offices will be closed for the season break from 13th August to August 24th. For any urgent matter you always can send an email to

PO FESR Sicily 2014/2020 – Catania, Le Ciminiere

The Technical Director of IES Solutions, Massimo Cristaldi, presented the GECoS platform, illustrating the functions and advantages of the virtual operating room.

Etna Safety Test

Last June 14th Department of Civil Protection of Sicily Region , with TIM , Huawei, G&G Telecommunication, IES Solutions and Eutelsat, has carried out an experimental and innovative test on Mount Etna in the contest of the Valle del Bove: the main goal was to transfer audio and video in real time from a zone completely isolated from telecommunication standpoint to the Control Room of the Civil Protection. This is a similar scenario also in areas normally covered by telecommunication networks when a natural disaster strikes.

IES Solutions hosts the 5th RAWFIE Plenary Meeting in Catania

The 5th plenary meeting of RAWFIE (Road-, Air-, and Water- based Future Internet Experimentation) is being held in Tremestieri Etneo (Catania), at IES Solutions premises.

IES Solutions within EENA’s Who-is-Who Guide

We are pleased to announce that, on June 2017, IES Solutions has been included in the Who-is-Who guide of EENA (European Emergency Number Association).

Common Information Space Event in Brussels

Three EU-funded projects (SECTOR, EPISECC and SecInCoRe) shared their points of view about several aspects of the Common Information Space. One of the main panels was focussed on three fundamental aspects of an information sharing space:
a "Pan-European inventory", which collects information about past disasters and provides useful lesson learnt; taxonomies, a crucial concept for a complete understanding of the message between different organisations and different languages; standardisation, another pillar in the field of information sharing, as well as several other domains

Happy European 112 Day!

Today, 11 February, Europe celebrates the European 112 Day, which has been established in 2009 with the aim of raising awareness of the European emergency number: 112