Geographic Information Systems (GIS) make it possible to integrate conventional databases with maps and information and generate results that are not directly retrievable from the database or just the maps only. With a GIS you can query a database and get geographical information and, conversely, query a map and generate a database of information from it.

IES Solutions develops Territorial Information Systems taking care of every stage, from planning to implementation, providing software tools and data that may also be extracted from satellite measurements.

Our services are oriented to the use of web-based technologies, especially on non-commercial brand so that they are free from onerous licenses for the end user.

We work with MapServer, Google Maps API, and, on request, with commercial platforms.

We used MapServer in “Ponti Venezia“, a web-based solution that verifies the navigability conditions in Venice, in the presence of high and low tide.

Our JIXEL platform, the first web 2.0 interoperable control room, is focused on the use of the Google Maps APIs.

Many of our projects focused on GIS and WebGIS solutions and make IES Solutions a qualified and reliable partner in this area.

Some Realizations


JIXELJixel is a suite of web based software applications, allowing emergency services (fire brigades, ambulances, police, civil protection) to seamlessly exchange information during day by day operations and when managing catastrophic events and their aftermath. Therefore, Jixel is the first Web 2.0 Joint Control Room for the interoperability between Emergency Services. Learn more…

SarfireThe main goal of the project is to develop an adaptive system for the automatic assessment of the susceptibility conditions and identification of areas at danger for fires. An important innovation of the project is to obtain an anthropic model of fire ignitions, both voluntary and involuntary, that represent the 99% of fire ignition in Italy and Europe. Learn more…

MOS-BaseThe MOS-base system is designed for fire risk management and assessment of fire affected areas. MOS-base combines forest fires data from different sources and integrates and make them available in the Jixel web-based platform. In this way, the MOS-base cartographic system will have both data on the interventions carried out on site, and data from sensors and/or mobile devices, together with remote sensing data including pre and post-fire information. Learn more…